The Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme (THRS) is a voluntary scheme, and is supported by the The Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and delivered by local authorities.

Participation in the scheme by local authorities and by tattooists is voluntary.

The objectives of the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme are:

  1. To inform the public about the hygiene standards in a tattoo studio at the time of the most recent inspection, and encourage them to factor hygiene standards into their choice of tattoo studio.
  2. Drive up standards and adoption of Best Practise across the industry.
  3. Reduce the risk of incidents of infection and of transmission of infectious disease from tattooing procedures.

Participating studios are awarded a rating following its programmed inspection, ranging from 1 (Needs Improvement) to 4 (Very Good) to be displayed in the premises in certificate form and on the window of the premises in the form of a window sticker.